4th February 2010

Hi Music Lovers!                              

Well, as you can see, the beautiful Jackie Coulson (laughingjacks@fastmail.fm) has now set-up the KING BIZKIT RECORDS website for me (what would I do without her?) and I have had a re-run of the 1995 ‘HOOKED ON YOU’ cd produced and they are now available to purchase direct from this KING BIZKIT RECORDS website (www.kingbizkitrecords.com/recordings) or from cdbaby.com

On an exciting note, Roger Dean (www.rogerdean.com) has completed the artwork for the cover of ‘SELLING MY SOUL’ and is now designing the layout for the rest of the cover etc. As I previously stated, I am going to release a limited run of 1,000 LP’s on 12” vinyl, with a ‘Roger Dean Gatefold Cover’ and also on CD as well, so I am hoping it will not be TOO much longer before that happens!
…….’watch this space’, as they say!

S.R.T. Ltd. in St.Ives, Cambridgeshire (www.soundrecordingtechnology.co.uk) are now in the process of mastering the live cassette, ‘STAGELIVE’ from Kiel in Northern Germany, that we released in 1993 and I am hoping that it will be available on cd in the not too distant future. Then I will work ‘backwards’ with the other live cassettes that we released in the early 1990’s.
Anyway………keep watching this space!

So, that’s all for now.

‘All you need is Love’,