Welcome to the official web site of King Bizkit Records.

King Bizkit Records was established in 1990 by Richard Everitt to market the 'Live' and 'Studio' recordings by 'The Sensational King Bizkit Blues Band'.

Listen to King Bizkits's new album 'Selling My Soul' now available to buy online

Since 1990, King Bizkit Records have released five 'live' 'T.S.K.B.B.B.' cassettes and one 'studio' King Bizkit CD and are now planning to re-master the 'live' cassettes for future release on CD.

The 'Hooked on You' CD by King Bizkit has now been re-released and is available to purchase from this website.

Future expansion of King Bizkit Records is planned, to be able to record, produce and develop other promising talented bands and artists on the label.